Wanted- Youth Pastor


Sunday Morning Worship- 10:30AM Sunday School- 9:15AM

What we're looking for...

Youth Pastor Job Description (part-time)

Job Title:Youth Pastor

Reports to:Senior Pastor

Accountable to: Elders

About FCPC:

First Christian Praise Chapel (FCPC) is a growing church in Rupert, Idaho 1/2 mile from the hub of the city, Rupert Square. Rupert and the surrounding cities are all growing so there are plenty of people who need Jesus and don’t know it yet! Rupert is also a great place to raise a family.

We desire to bring on a staff member to work primarily with youth as a part of our growth strategy, both in terms of numbers and in terms of discipleship. We believe this is the next step in helping us “Reach Rupert and Beyond!”


The Youth Pastor is responsible for partnering with parents (grandparents, primary adult influencers if not parents) in the discipleship of their children. This primarily involves strong biblical teaching, both doctrine and application, and building relationships through various activities. The overall goal is that students will be equipped with a Christian Worldview that will both protect them from the world and prepare them to share the gospel with the world.

The Youth Pastor is also responsible for reaching out to students in the community that do not yet know Jesus Christ and encouraging them to follow Him too.

Expectations: (20- 25 hrs. per week, understanding it will vary)

  • Continue to grow in your own relationship with the Lord so that you can lead students and adults well
  • Weekly involvement Sunday mornings which may include but is not limited to: teaching students during the Sunday school hour prior to the worship service, preaching when senior pastor is away or when asked, and other responsibilities in the worship service as assigned. (note: While not required for the position, musical and/or technical skills are a plus and would help any potential candidates move farther in the process, all other things being equal)
  • Weekly involvement in Sunday evening youth group meetings and other weekday events/activities determined by the youth leader or occasionally by elders, that benefit the entire FCPC body
  • Develop intentional discipleship strategy for students that also involves their parents or primary adult influencers. This process should be in accord with FCPC’s mission and vision determined by the elders
  • Plan and schedule wisely so there is ample time to prepare to teach and/or spend time in various activities/outings. We desire unapologetic doctrinal teaching of the scriptures that teaches students to think Christianly and prepares them to interact effectively with their peers
  • Be available for staff meetings and administrative/organizational work to be agreed upon with the senior pastor. As the position is bi-vocational there can be flexibility here
  • Occasionally attend conferences and/or events for further training as desired by youth pastor and/or as determined by senior pastor/elders (FCPC would cover the costs for any required events)
  • Demonstrate Christ-like character as His ambassador and as a visible leader of FCPC


The youth pastor will be paid an annual salary between 15-18K, based on experience and qualifications. After the first year, salary and long-term employment goals will be reevaluated.

Two weeks of vacation will be granted per year, along with time off for major holidays.

There are no medical, dental, or vision benefits as this is a part-time position.

We are not in a position to fund a long-distance move, however there is a $500 stipend available to help with transitional costs (specifics to be discussed between elders and candidate).

Hire date is Oct. 1, 2019 or before.

Note: We realize there are challenges being in part-time ministry. There is ample work in the area including manufacturing, restaurants, and many driving jobs available. Lord willing as the church continues to grow we will be in a position to move this person to full-time as soon as possible, depending on overall skill set, teachability, etc.

To apply, submit these materials by Monday, Sept. 15th:

  • cover letter addressing why FCPC specifically
  • resume emphasizing growing a youth program in numbers as well as in discipleship

1-2 paragraphs answering each of these questions:

  1. What is the gospel?
  2. What does discipleship “look like” to you?
  3. What is your philosophy of ministry, youth ministry in particular?
  4. What distinguishes you from other candidates?
  5. What is your view of, and how would you teach students (and their parents) about homosexuality, transgenderism, and gender fluidity?
  • video of you teaching if available

email materials to: joel.rosenauer@gmail.com