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You can now watch our sermons. We are upgrading our technology so please be patient with us as the video and audio quality improve over time. We are currently in a series called "Church" which began April 19th, the week after Easter. Also, note that some sermons will have a couple different links so when you get to the end of the first part of the sermon you'll have to click on the second link to complete it- sorry for the inconvenience.

May 10th, Chosen by God, pt. 1 (sermon starts at 27:40)

May 3rd, Purchased by God (sermon starts at 30:00)

April 26th, Talkin' 'bout Regeneration! (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

April 19th, We know what the church is... right? (pt. 1, sermon starts at 14:50) (pt. 2)

April 12th, Christ the end of all things (pt. 1, sermon starts at 14:40) (pt. 2)