Next Steps


Sunday Morning Worship- 10:30AM Sunday School- 9:15AM

Next Steps at FCPC

As difficult as it may be for a pastor to admit, people need more than just sermons! It's true, while sermons (weekly Sunday teachings if you're new to Jesus or to church) are invaluable in terms of growing and maturing people in Christ, much more is needed if a person is to become more and more like Jesus Christ and truly follow Him the way He has asked us to. FCPC offers "Next Step" opportunities that will launch in the fall. Stay tuned for details!

  • Starting with God (for non-believers, new believers and people new to FCPC)
  • Seeking God (for people who want to learn how to read their bibles, pray, connect with other people, etc.)
  • Serving God (exploring the gifts God has given us and how they can be used to serve Him and the church)